Grilled Indian Millet is a Gotouchi Yokai Watch product available only in Hokkaido.

Etymology of the Graphic

Despite the "Toukibi" part of the name referring to Indian Millet which is the general nomenclature for a type of wheat known as Sorghum bicolor; the graphic instead depicts grilled corn being made into a popcorn.



The graphic of the Coin is non-holographic. It depicts Jibanyan happily clutching on to a huge grilled corn. In the background are warm colors and popcorn popping off everywhere.

There are two face text in this graphic: The first face text reads "Hokkaido" set on a yellow font color with a black stroke. Hokkaido is written in horizontal Kanji with Furigana at the top and is aligned to the topmost of the image.

The second face text reads "Yaki Toukibi" set on a yellow font color with a black stroke. Yaki is written in vertical Kanji with Furigana to its right side while Toukibi is written in Hiragana. The second face text is arched on the right side of the image.

The Coin is available for purchase as a Big Coin Keyring or as a Small Coin with a yellow Strap.


This particular graphic is not available as a Mascot.

Other Products

Other available products that can be purchased are a pair of kids' socks with the graphics set in a yellow base. The kids' socks measure 18~22 cm.


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