Otaru Canal is a Gotouchi Yokai Watch product available only in Hokkaido.

Etymology of the Graphic

The Otaru Canal (小樽運河 Otaru Unga) is a tourist destination in the City of Otaru in Hokkaido, Japan. 

The canal is adorned with Victorian-style street lamps that runs through Otaru. The city attracts a large number of Japanese tourists as well as Russian visitors. (Wikipedia)



The graphic of the Coin is holographic. It depicts Jibanyan presenting the nighttime view of the Otaru Canal.

There are two face text in this graphic: The first face text is "HOKKAIDO" set on a yellow font color with a black stroke. Hokkaido is written in narrow roman letters in all caps and is arched on the topmost of the graphic.

The second face text reads "Otaru" which is set on a light purple font color with a black stroke. Otaru is written in vertical Kanji with Furigana to its right side and is aligned to the right side of the image in unequal vertical placement.

The Coin is available for purchase as a Big Coin Keyring or as a Small Coin with a light purple Strap.


The mascot figure sculpt features sparkly-eyed Jibanyan wearing a brown fedora and peeking from atop of a brown framed canvas depicting a painting of Otaru Canal's view at night. The painting depicts a clear view of the background seen in the Coin graphic.

The Mascot is available for purchase as an Keyring. You can also purchase it as either an Earphone Jack with light purple strap or a Netsuke with light purple and white braid.

Other Products

Other available products that can be purchased is a black free pouch depicting a larger view of the graphic used in the Coin.


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