The Hokkaido Sheep is a Gotouchi Yokai Watch product available only in Hokkaido.

It is one of the two graphics depicting sheep with the other one being the Sheep from the farm animal series.

Etymology of the Graphic

Hokkaido's sheep



The graphic of the Coin is non-holographic. It depicts a winking Jibanyan wearing a cartoonish sheep cap and is lifting up a bottle of milk with his right hand. To his left is a grazing sheep.

The background is a farmland at daytime. A barn can be seen on the upper left hand corner of the image.

There are two face texts in this graphic: The first text reads "Hokkaido;" written in Kanji with Furigana on top and is set in yellow font color and outlined with a black stroke. Hokkaido is arched on the topmost of the background and to the front. The font used for this face text is similar to the seemingly-handwritten one used in the Yukimatsuri.

The second text reads "Hitsuji da nyan;" written in a combination of Kanji with Furigana on top and Katakana. It is set in orange font color and outlined with a black stroke. It is arched towards the lowermost side of the image and in front of Jibanyan. The font used for this face text appears to be bolder and rounder than the usual.

The Coin is available for purchase as a Big Coin Keyring or as a Small Coin with a yellow Strap.


The mascot figure appears somewhat different from the graphic of the Coin. The mascot figure depicts Jibanyan whose wink is now to his right and is still wearing his cartoonish sheep cap. He is no longer holding a bottle of milk but is simply raising his right hand.

The Mascot is available for purchase as an Keyring. You can also purchase it as either an Earphone Jack with a yellow strap or a Netsuke with a yellow and white braid.

Other Products

This particular graphic is not available as any other kind of product.


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