The Hokkaido Seal is a Gotouchi Yokai Watch product available only in Hokkaido.

It is one of the two graphics depicting seals with the other one being the Azarashi.

Etymology of the Graphic

The white earless Seals are one of the most popular types of animals that can be seen in the Hokkaido region.



The graphic of the Coin is non-holographic. It depicts Jibanyan petting a white earless seal on a snowy terrain.

There are two face text in this graphic: The first face text reads "Azarashi" set on a green font color with a white inner stroke and black outer stroke. Azarashi is written in vertical Katakana and is arched to the left side of the graphic.

The second face text reads "Hokkaido" with the Kanji set on a red font color with a white inner stroke and a black outer stroke while the Furigana is set in white font color and a black stroke. Hokkaido is written in vertical Kanji with Furigana to its right side and is arched on the right side of the image.

The Coin is available for purchase as a Big Coin Keyring or as a Small Coin with a light blue Strap.


The mascot depicts Jibanyan a top an iceberg, petting a white earless seal. The earless seal appears to be coated in white pearlescent paint.

The front side of the iceberg has a white text that reads "HOKKAIDO" in Roman letters. The white font color gives the impression that the letters were etched in the surface of the iceberg.

The mascot is available for purchase as a Keyring. It can also be purchased as an earphone jack with a light blue strap and as a Netsuke with a light blue and white braid.

Other Products

Other available products that can be purchased is a blue free pouch showing a larger view of the graphic used in the Coin.


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