Cow Bell is a Gotouchi Yokai Watch product available only in Hokkaido.

Etymology of the Graphic

A Cow Bell usually refers to the bell attached to a cow or any free-roaming animals for the purpose of scaring away predators.

The name "Cow Bell," in its many iterations, is also a popular name for unrelated family-owned steak houses and restaurants all around Hokkaido.



The graphic of the Coin is non-holographic. It depicts Jibanyan wearing a pink beret and with both arms raised. A large golden cow bell is noticeably attached to his trademark cat's collar, it appears to have some writings or engravings on it although it is too small to read.

The background is light blue in color. There are also two large silver milk jugs that can be seen, one on each side of the image.

There are two face texts in this graphic: The first text reads "HOKKAIDO;" written in full-width, all-caps Roman letters and is set in white font color and outlined with a black stroke. Hokkaido is arched on the topmost of the background.

The second text reads "COW-BELL;" written in full-width, all-caps Roman letters and is set in yellow font color and outlined with a black stroke. Cow-Bell is arched at the bottom of the image and in front of Jibanyan.

The Coin is available for purchase as a Big Coin Keyring or as a Small Coin with a blue Strap.


The mascot figure appears entirely different from the graphic of the Coin. The mascot figure depicts Jibanyan, still with both arms raised but he is now wearing a cap that resembles a cow's head, rising from a large silver milk jug. The milk jug is painted in silver and has the word "HOKKAIDO" written on it in red all-caps Roman Letters.  The mascot is also shown to be wearing a huge golden cow bell in lieu of Jibanyan's trademark cat collar pendant. The Cow bell appears to be painted in gold and instead of illegible writings as that of the coin graphic, it now has the word "COW" written on it in white all-caps Roman letters.

The Mascot is available for purchase as an Keyring. You can also purchase it as either an Earphone Jack with light blue strap or a Netsuke with light blue and white braid.

Other Products

Other available products that can be purchased are a blue free pouch depicting a full view of the graphic used in the Coin.


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